Leading Edge Sports Consulting

Leading Edge Sports Consulting

Now in his 30th year of Sports Marketing, Steve has had a successful track record in his field. He has worked for the following teams: Los Angeles Lakers, and LA Kings, the Los Angeles Clippers, Toronto Argonauts Canadian Football Club, Toronto Blue Jays, Anaheim Angels, Anaheim Ducks, and the Los Angeles Dodgers and presently with the Kansas City Royals.

Steve has spent his last 15 years in baseball including for the past 10 years careers first with the Angels and later Dodgers baseball clubs in the Southern California market. Steve also sits on the board for ALSD (Association of Luxury Suite Directors), as well as moderates many meetings on behalf of baseball.

Steve is considered a trendsetter and trouble shooter in his industry. He has pioneered new ideas to help generate ticket sales and revenue. During his tenure with the Dodgers, he led the national league with attendance. He also set new ticket revenues for the Dodgers. Steve raised over $50 million in ticket revenue in 4 seasons with the Dodger baseball club, by creating new marketing initiatives for the sales staff to sell.

Steve has created the following programs, which many teams are now using. He is known as the creator of the “All You Can Eat Section” for baseball. This program created a new area where one price includes food, soft drinks and tickets to the ballgame. The 3,000 seat section now sells out almost every game, and quadrupled the yield on the price of the tickets, as well as doubled the yield in food and beverage.

Steve has also opened the doors for the Dodgers and many other teams by creating a retail outlet through the Costco stores. This program created an excess of $500,000 in sales in a period of less then 10 weeks, and the program continues to grow throughout sports industry all over. Steve has also created a winter holiday packages within retail outlets to sell tickets during a time that people do not generally have reason to be thinking about baseball.

Steve was also the first in partnering with an independent sales team to sell both ticket certificates and tickets business to business and created another $1million in incremental revenue. This program is now being used by many teams in MLB, NBA, NHL, etc…

Steve has recognized the value and potential of today’s online market place. He has sourced new avenues to mass market tickets on line to large organizations. He has enjoying certain web sites that have created great insights for new markets, such as “Travel Zoo, Gold Star, Costco on line, etc…

Steve has played a role in creating “phone rooms” He started them while in the Toronto market, later with the Anaheim Angels, yet again when he joined the Dodger organization. This is a great training program for future employees both for the team, as well as other teams. Steve has referred past employees that he managed all over the states in better positions; one of his telemarketers today is a VP for one of the NBA teams.

Steve resides in Southern California with his wife Ellen, his son Matthew who is pursuing an MBA at UCLA, his daughter Morgan, in college, and his youngest son Stone.

Steve has formed his consulting company to take his 30 years of sports marketing to help others in trying to achieve their goals. His company is called “Leading Edge Sports consulting.”

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